The Speciate Story

Unlocking the power of unstructured data.

For nearly a decade, I led PwC’s Global Data & Analytics Practice. During that time, we worked with hundreds of complex data models, particularly around trend forecasting.

I realized there was tremendous opportunity to capitalize on the unstructured data all over the web. Together with the best data scientists and product designers I knew, I set out to build a company that could finally harness that data.

Speciate Founder

What is Speciate?

Speciate is a market monitoring solution that combines robust data science technology with expert analytics services to help companies identify actionable trends from unstructured data in the world, and apply them to their business.

Our solution produces, evaluates, and monitors a portfolio of growth options that are highly relevant to your business, uncovering key opportunities you may not yet realize exist.

Our approach is designed to ensure the insights you receive are precisely tailored for your business, with a dedicated team of data analytics experts who partner with you from the start to target the best data sources, creatively apply the most effective algorithms, and probe deeper in analysis of trends and topics most important to you.

  • Analyst staff
  • Generic news feeds
  • Content-specific databases
  • Software  with generic insights and steep learning curves
  • Expensive consultants


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