Transform Unstructured Data into Growth Opportunities.

Speciate AI’s market ecosystem monitoring solution analyzes billions of data points to help companies turn threats of disruptive hard science and digital technologies into opportunities.

  • Spot market trends early
  • ID white space/investment areas
  • Monitor competitors and products
  • Pinpoint unmet customer needs
  • Zero learning curve
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“Speciate helped us benchmark our mobile app v. 15+ competitors to identify and prioritize new features for our product roadmap. We could have never achieved the depth of insights in such a short period of time using traditional surveys.”

President of simple mobile banking

“Our team has used similar products, on and offshore resources for market intelligence, but Speciate offers a unique blend of analytics and expertise that makes the cost to value unbeatable.”

market intelligence lead

“Speciate is my team’s secret weapon. The speed and depth of insights is unmatched.”

Head of R&D, L’Oreal Cosmetics Division

Extract timely, actionable insights from billions of customer and market data points to preempt risks or capture growth opportunities. 


Over 10,000 data sources






Add your own data if needed




The Speciate difference:


Our team led PWC’s U.S. and Global Analytics practice for a decade, helping Fortune 500 companies across industries design and use complex analytics solutions to improve their performance. We’ll work with you to target the best data sources, creatively apply the most effective algorithms, and extract relevant insights about the topics you care most about.

Powerful data capabilities

We combine billions of data points from IP, financial, academic, media, social and investment data, sourced from proprietary data partnerships and available public data. In addition, we integrate your company’s data to provide the most customized analysis and insights.

Algorithms and models

We leverage our knowledge of commercial and open source algorithms to create models that provide the most relevant insights at the level of accuracy required.

Workflow customization at scale

We partner with you to build a custom dashboard with custom UI inputs to meet analyst, leadership and broader company requirements. We scale this for you through our platform.

The best brands in the world use Speciate to find white space opportunities, monitor competitors, and improve their products.

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