October 1, 2020

Digital Intent partners with Speciate on the first-ever Growth Innovator's Study

CHICAGO - Speciate, an analytics-as-a-service company, will partner with Chicago-based advisory firm, Digital Intent, to conduct an in-depth study on the state of innovation and R&D for Fortune 1000 companies using data points from thousands of sources to conduct the research.

“In today’s rapidly changing economic climate, it’s important to be able measure innovation efforts across sectors--even when companies report these efforts very differently,” said Digital Intent Partner Sean Johnson. “We want to be able to understand which sectors and companies are truly investing in innovative technologies and actually seeing returns on their investments.”

The “Growth Innovators” study that Speciate will conduct will look at several different data sources to identify trends and insights including media articles, data from company 10-Ks, earnings reports, and investment summaries. Using a combination of proprietary algorithms and their data science team to conduct the study, Speciate will group companies into sectors and identify trends across sectors to understand what emerging technologies Fortune 1000s are investing in and how much they are investing.

“When Digital Intent approached us about partnering with them to examine how Fortune 1000 companies are investing in their R&D efforts, we jumped at the chance. Drawing insights from large unstructured datasets is the type of analysis that our team excels at,” said Speciate founder Paul Blase. 

Speciate aims to help companies predict market opportunities and risks in an ever-changing landscape. Using data from over 10,000 sources including news articles, company 10-Ks, investment reports, intellectual property filings, and social media, the company extracts actionable insights for their customers based on their business objectives. 

Speciate offers custom analysis to companies looking to identify whitespace opportunities, spot emerging market trends, or monitor competitor products and feature sets.

“It’s difficult to find a comprehensive picture of how companies are truly investing in innovation and emerging tech. We are excited about the capabilities the Speciate platform offers and look forward to publishing a study to help better illuminate the space,” Johnson said.

Digital Intent plans to publish the sector analysis in early 2021 to help its clients understand where they stand in the innovation landscape and help inform their business development efforts.

Speciate is a market monitoring solution that combines robust data science technology with expert analytics services to help companies identify actionable trends from unstructured data in the world, and apply them to their business. With a dedicated team of data analytics experts who partner with you from the start to target the best data sources, Speciate creatively applies the most effective algorithms, and probe deeper in analysis of trends and topics most important to you.

Digital Intent is an asset-based advisory practice that helps enterprise organizations grow, with better cost to value than large, people dependent advisory firms, focused boutiques, or inflexible software solutions.